GRANITE Countertops

The Appeal of Natural Stone

Granite is a natural stone, one of the hardest and oldest. Granite is igneous rock formed by the cooling and solidification of magma. The gradual cooling of this molten rock creates crystals of a singular mineral. Different minerals form at different periods of time as the rock is solidified and add to or change the look and the graining of the granite.
The stone is cut from rock beneath the earth’s surface from quarries around the world. It is then sawed into manageable sized slabs. As each rock mined is different, the actual size of the final slab can vary. The granite is then polished or textured, then shipped to wholesalers for consumer distribution.
Natural Stone is a Sustainable Material – lower energy user, lower CO2 emissions, and decreased water use! The sustainable benefits of stone, according to Natural Stone Institute: Natural material, durable, requires little to no maintenance, does not off-gas, preforms consistently through wide temperature changes, salvageable and recyclable, and is available regionally AND it adds unique character and timeless charm to your home!

Aesthetic Differences

Granite comes in endless colors based on its minerology and origin. No two slabs are exactly alike even when cut from the same rock. Patterns and veining are common and part of the appeal and charm of natural stone.
Bella Casa Countertops and Stone prides itself on working with the individuality of natural stone. We design the countertop layout based on the movement and flow of the stone, and to capture any particular interesting flecks or markings.
This care and attention preserves and reflects the history and beauty of natural stone, and the life it brings to your house.

Use and Care

Granite is naturally impervious to high temperatures. Hot pots and pans will not damage the surface. Granite is also one of the most scratch resistant natural stones available. Granite is porous and can absorb liquids. Spills such as wine or berries should be wiped immediately to avoid staining. Sealing is suggested every one to three years as needed and is quite easy and quick for homeowners to conduct.
Bella Casa Countertops and Stone will seal the countertop upon installation and instruct you on granite care to keep it timeless.