Bella Casa Countertops and Stone is a full-service surface fabrication and installation company family run and operated in Littleton, Colorado.


Polished finish shines! The majority of finishes is polished. Polishing enhances the color and markings of natural stone and adds a terrific luster and sheen. This finish will keep and stay beautiful for decades.


Honed is a matte finish. The flat look is achieved with brushes and specialized tools to remove all sheen but retain a smooth surface. Some materials can show marks more easily in a honed finish and staining can be more common. Care should be provided in daily use and with cleaning products to preserve this unique surface.


Leathered has actual tactical texture to its surface. Brushes and specialized tools are used to create rivets and pits that rough the surface of the slab. Leathered finish surfaces work particularly well in outdoor areas for a truly rustic look and feel.